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Founded by engineers in an effort to provide a platform that maximizes value for our clients and career stability for our engineers. We specialize in providing enterprise solutions to complex IT problems. From concept to execution, we take the tough stuff head on.

IT contracting solutions that integrate seamlessly with your environment's DNA.

Development Consulting

With our in-house expertise and vast network of subject matter experts we provide high quality services covering the entire project life cycle from design to implementation and evaluation. From anywhere and at any time, our remote assistance will provide the efficiency and accountability of an on-site employee, without the associated overhead.

Project Management

We offer a more technically oriented approach to project management and more realistic scope design based on real technical experience. It’s true, project management professionals are trained to apply their skill to any product, any project, and any service. Here at DNA, we believe the marriage between technical expertise and executive management skills is what sets our Project Managers apart and affords our clients a much higher project success rate.

Cost Efficiency

Every project has a justifiable cost that is made up of requirements and expenses, some necessary and some unnecessary. At DNA the only goal is client satisfaction through our customized solutions and the only justifiable expense is what it takes to make that happen. A company designed, created, and managed by engineers with nearly 30 years of experience in the ever evolving field of IT. We hustle, we don’t waste time, and we know how to get things done.


A career with the DNA family is not a job, it’s a responsibility and we don’t hire certifications, we hire people. As we widen our stance in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, we seek individuals who want more from their career than financial stability and job security. The degree, certifications and experience are mandatory but not a guarantee. The individuals we seek are the ones ready to accept the challenge to raise the bar. Engineers with the ability to multitask and cross train and adapt however the wind may blow. Engineers that understand that effectively and completely meeting the need of the client is not only achieved through your skills, but your resources. At DNA we work as one and we use our resources.
If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a DNA resource, let us know.

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